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My name is Travis, I illustrate things, and you've found yourself on my personal tumblr!

I spend copious amounts of time on the computer, post sketches of mine, stuff from my life, and generally anything I think is awesome or interesting. You'll find a lot of fantasy, monsters, and games here. I'm not usually fandom heavy, but Mass Effect, Guild Wars, and Dragon Age all hold a special place in my heart.
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  • jeiwalking:

    things to remember while drawing:

    • anatomy is great but dont stop because you cant get it perfect
    • not every picture has to be a masterpiece
    • try new things but remember its ok to draw things you like to draw
    • just because someone younger than you is “better” than you are does not mean you are untalented 
    • everyone sees things differently
    • be proud of what you can do because nobody can do things the same way you can

    (via thejollity)

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